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The Baroque – this unusual epoch in the history of music is so omnipresent in our present-day world that we might sometimes  seriously wonder whether he have gone back in time and are still living in “the Baroque”. After all, we treat Johann Sebastian Bach and Antonio Vivaldi as if they have been with us forever. Is this nothing more than force of habit and upbringing? Perhaps so; nevertheless, what cannot be denied is that their oeuvre remains alive today. Furthermore, these two most emblematic composers of the 18th century are responsible for only a small part of the repertoire composed at that time. After all, contemporaries of Bach and Vivaldi included Veracini, Leclair and Bonporti, to name only those who made a serious contribution to violin music. The Baroque has gained a new lease of life. It is full of vigour and infused with fresh blood; its music certainly sounds completely different now from what it did three hundred years ago. Instead of copying the Baroque, we are interpreting it anew, and the range of performed pieces is becoming consistently broader. Our modern times are driven by a constant and insatiable urge for novelty. However, let us also bear in mind that the current penchant for a repertoire that has been performed and recorded many times over is a novelty in itself. Every artist who performs The Four Seasons or the Goldberg Variations interprets them in his or her own unique way. And if a contemporary composer who refers to the past names his works the way Astor Piazzolla did, then he is also reinterpreting what has gone before. Furthermore,  thanks to the technology of phonography, nowadays we have the luxury of recording and keeping these performances vivid in our minds. We can never get enough of early music.

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