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Symphonic Concert

WarsawPhil Orchestra
Wit / Lugansky

Fri., 23.02, 7.30pm
Sat., 24.02, 6pm

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Orchestras of the World

Lithuanian National Symphony Orchestra
Mirga Gražinytė-Tyla

Wed., 28.02, 7pm

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Simply Philharmonic!

Project 4: The Truth of Historical Sources and the Truth of Stylisation

Concerts on 11 and 15 March

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in 2017/2018 season

Next concert - 7 April 2018

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The very name of chamber music implies the key features of this vast repertoire, meant for performance by small performing forces in limited space that created a sense of intimacy and safety. Even those who did not take part in the music-making themselves (which is definitely the best form of contact with musica da camera) could still have a sense of taking part in something unique and possibly even exclusive. However, in the period when human civilisation began to use technology on a mass scale, when the steam engine, steel and coal ruled supreme in Europe – also chamber music began to expand and open up to a wider audience. Evidence of such a nostalgia for symphonic grandeur can be observed in the growing forces and duration of musical work, as well as in the vaster and more impressive sound. Interestingly, this trend was reversed after the end of the Great War in 1918. Did humanity finally realise that grandiosity does not bring real benefits in any form? We can only guess…

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