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Our activity

The idea of education at Warsaw Philharmonic is based on the assumption that personal development is a constant process and concerns all age groups. We therefore address our offer under the ‘education’ label to children, teenagers, professionally active adults and senior audiences. We cater to the needs of the contemporary listener in ways which are both modern and rooted in tradition, using means and tools typical of the Philharmonic, such as concerts, but also educational projects. Both areas of activity are mutually interrelated and complement each other.
Concerts for children
Target group: children aged 3-12 with their guardians
The youngest listeners are invited to two concert cycles: Morning and Afternoon Concerts for Children in the Concert Hall as well as Mornings and Afternoons for Young Music Lovers in the Chamber Hall. Each cycle has been divided by age group: the concerts at 11 am are designed for younger children (aged 3 to 6) and those at 2 pm – for older kids (aged 7 to 12).
Concert Hall:
11 am
 children aged 3-6 - subscrip. Dm1 / Dm2
2 pm
 children aged 7-12 - subscrip. Ds1 / Ds2
Chamber Hall:
11 am
 children aged 3-6 - subscrip. Pm1 / Pm2
2 pm
 children aged 7-12 - subscrip. Ps1 / Ps2
Simply Philharmonic!
Target groups: high school and university students, adult audience, seniors
The “Simply Philharmonic!” concert series is addressed to all music lovers interested in taking a wider and frequently unconventional perspective on classical music, primarily to teenagers and university students under 26, to whom we bid a special ticket price.
The series introduces different musical aesthetics, styles and traditions in their historical contexts. We strive to familiarise our audience with new inspiring phenomena in the European music culture; to present both works from the music canon and compositions that are only beginning to win audience recognition. Our programmes and artistic choices are often unexpected and unconventional. This is how we hope to encourage your own artistic explorations.
Each of the four concert cycles planned for the 2019/2020 season is based on a different programmatic concept. Subscriptions are sold separately for each cycle (PPF1, PPF2, PPF3, PPF4).
Encounters with Music
Target groups: children, youth, adult audience, seniors
Our concerts take place not only in the headquarters of the Warsaw Philharmonic, but also outside it. Every year in mid-September our presenters and partner musicians set off for concert tour during which they reach out to audiences across many different social and educational backgrounds in seven voivodeships of Poland. For each artistic season we prepare ten programme series. Each of these is presented in monthly cycles to children and teenagers in schools and institutions cooperating with the Philharmonic.
Since 2013 we have intensively developed our presence in this field. These reach out projects aim to establish direct and continued contact, primarily with young people and to create possibilities of contact with music for the widest possible audience – in the form of both listening to performances and active participation in cultural events, combined with pursuing individual passions and talents.
Open Dress Rehearsals of the Warsaw Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra
Target groups: high school and university students, adult audience, seniors 
In the 2019/2020 concert season, Warsaw Philharmonic Education Department will continue the Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra’s open dress rehearsals programme. Participants are able to follow the process of concert preparation, observe the work of the conductor, the soloists and the orchestra. The project includes introduction to the presented music, taking part in the rehearsal and meeting with the musicians directly afterwards. This season we have scheduled six open rehearsals. The dates, concert programmes and criteria of enrolment are to find in the bookmark dedicated to the project.

The Volunteer Programme
Target group: high school and university students under 25
The Warsaw Philharmonic volunteer programme began in 2013. Its aim is to develop the volunteers’ interests and passions through participation in the Philharmonic’s day-to-day work. Together with the young volunteers we have created a programme that takes the greatest possible advantage of their interests and potential. We organise free time for children during concert breaks, publish the Afisz – a magazine addressed to children and young music lovers. Together, we also organise Warsaw Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra’s open dress rehearsals.