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The Little Philharmonic (2016/2017 concert season)

The Little Philharmonic is a joint label for concert projects on which Warsaw Philharmonic musicians collaborate with secondary music school students. Professionals and teenagers jointly form an orchestra which prepares programmes for selected Sunday concerts for children. The orchestra is conducted at rehearsals and during concerts by Paweł Kapuła, assistant to Warsaw Philharmonic’s artistic director. Intensive rehearsals are held during the last ten days before each concert. Section leaders (Warsaw Philharmonic instrumentalists) also rehearse the programme in small groups. The first Little Philharmonic project – a programme of dances from different periods and parts of the world – was presented in November 2016 by students from the State Music School Complex No. 1 in Warsaw (commonly called the “Miodowa”). The second project, culminating in concerts entitled Cinderella and Others in March 2017 – was prepared jointly by members of the Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra and students of the Karol Szymanowski State Music School Complex No. 4 in Warsaw, Krasińskiego Street. Both Little Philharmonic projects met with an enthusiastic reception. The child audience intuitively felt the energy resulting from the combined zeal of youth and the experience of professional musicians. The first part of each concert programme featured a small chamber orchestra, which included one Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra musician for each music school student. After the interval, other students joined the orchestra and the sound became truly symphonic. However, even though it was now “big”, the orchestra continued to play for its “little” (several-year-old) audience flocking to the morning and afternoon concerts for children.