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“Encounters with Music Online”

“Encounters with Music Online”

Every year, the Warsaw Philharmonic ventures out into the wide world to perform over two thousand concerts in local communities across the country, entertaining children, young people and adult music lovers alike. We have been making these excursions around Poland for several dozen years now.
Unfortunately, in the current circumstances we cannot for the time being offer live performances, and thus we have decided to reach out to our faithful listeners in the only way now possible – virtually!
Hence, we invite schools, kindergartens, culture centres and all institutions whose members have a passion for music to join us in our “Encounters with Music Online” series.
We are fully aware that schoolchildren already spend a great deal of time in front of their computer screens; therefore, we have made every effort possible to ensure that we offer our online audiences an extraordinary and exciting rendezvous with the wonderful world of music.
As is our tradition every year, we have prepared ten programmes – each in two versions, one for our younger and one for our older listeners. These have been recorded so that you can watch them on your computers or smartphones from wherever you like. You will be able to hear both music composed hundreds of years ago as well as the most recent works, both classical and light in form. Among our performers are instrumentalists, singers, dancers and an actor. Of course – as is the case during our live meetings – there will also be a Host, whose insights and commentary will bring us closer to the music.
Let us keep together in these difficult times. And one day in the not-too-distant future we will surely have the pleasure of meeting face to face once more.


OPTION 1: a series of 10 online concerts with access possible up until June 2021.
OPTION 2: a series of 5 online concerts online with access possible up until June 2021.
The choice of option is up to you – the final arrangements are made individually.
The access fee for one concert (in two versions) for a period of up to one month: PLN 123 including tax
Total cost (10 concerts): PLN 1 230 including tax
Total cost (5 concerts): PLN 615 including tax
We do not envisage a shorter access  time for one concert.
The above concert fee covers all members of a single institution. If the film is shared with more than one institution, the fee should be multiplied by the number of these institutions.
We suggest signing a contract granting access to five or ten concerts – depending on the option you chose. Should you be interested, we will gladly  send you more detailed information in the next email.
Every time you are granted access to a concert, you will receive an electronic invoice with payment due within 14 days of the day of receipt.
A few days before the beginning of each subsequent month, you will receive a link to a website with concerts in accordance with the previously arranged schedule. The link remains active until the last day of a given month.
Should you be interested in our offer, contact the person responsible for coordinating the series: Monika Błaszczyk, e-mail: audycje@filharmonia.pl

Music was… Music is… Music will be…