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Maciej Filipczuk & The Wedding Guests

Long ago music was already present in the world, but there were no music bands. 

There was only a fiddler who came to weddings by bike, carrying his instrument. He played throughout the wedding and got his pay. The wedding guests accompanied him on the double bass and the drum. Not just any wedding guests, but those who had the best ear for music, a sense of rhythm, dancing skills and other general cultural competences. It is to those wonderful times, now long gone, that the project Maciej Filipczuk & The Wedding Guests refers to.

Meeting together here and now, its intensity – measured by the amount of sweat pouring down the dancers’ bodies; the skills and experience of both the fiddler and the invited guests; the old mazurkas and polkas that form the traditional repertoire – this is the gist of our project. Unpredictable, open and always starting anew, dedicated to simple and genuinely heartfelt music, without any transformations or arrangements.

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