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Event type: Concert for Children, Morning Concert for Children
Hall: Concert Hall
Subscription: Dm2 - Voices and Noises
Price: 20, 25 zł

The Little Philharmonic is a set of projects initiated last season, on which Warsaw Philharmonic collaborates with secondary music schools. The Little Philharmonic is also the name of an ensemble formed as a result of this collaboration, consisting of Warsaw Philharmonic musicians and students from selected schools. This time it will be an orchestra and a choir. We hope that participation in this vocal-instrumental event will encourage our child audience to take active part in everyday music making – especially in the time before Christmas, of which music is an indispensable element, part of an important tradition. It is Christmas music that will make up our concert programme. We will also have musical gifts for our audience for St Nicholas’ Day. Our young listeners, on their part, should not forget about our annual COMPETITION FOR A CHRISTMAS CARD! Those who have not sent in their works yet should prepare them by 3rg December.

BRING a drawing to the concert – your design of a Christmas card.

Malina Sarnowska

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