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Orchestras of the World - Grand Chinese New Year Concert
Event type: Orchestras of the World, Symphonic concert
Hall: Concert Hall
Price: 25-80 zł
Li Huanzhi
- Spring Festival Overture (arr. Peng Xiuwen) [5'10'']
Liu Wenjin
- My Motherland [7'58'']
Zhao Jiping
- The Butterfly Dream [30']
Intermission [20']
Liu Changyuan
- Lyric Variation [17']
Hua Yanjun
- Moon Reflected in the Er Quan [6'30'']
Wang Danhong
- Macau Capriccio [20']

When does the New Year start? China officially uses the Gregorian calendar, but according to its centuries‑ old lunar one, the Year of the Pig begins on 5th February. The two‑ week New Year celebrations are a special time in Zhōngguó (“the Central State”, as China is called). On New Year’s Eve, the Chinese offer sacrifices to the shadows of the dead, feast with their families, and give presents. On New Year’s Day itself, they come out into the city streets to admire fireworks, lion dances and, of course, the famous colourful dragon dance shows. The celebrations come to an end with the Lantern Festival on the first full moon after the New Year.

It is precisely on the day of the Chinese New Year that we host at Warsaw Philharmonic a Chinese traditional instruments orchestra. China has had its instrumental ensembles for centuries, but such great orchestras have only appeared in the last several decades as a result of the meeting of the East and West. They have no precedent in traditional Chinese culture. Chinese music, like Western one, greatly varies from one region to another. There are many trends and traditions, as well as contexts: religious, secular, theatrical, etc. Our retrospective concert shows the diversity of this art, from original ethnic music to sophisticated modern stylisations. It will also be an opportunity to get acquainted with the extremely interesting Chinese instruments, whose construction and sound significantly differ in many cases from those of Western instruments.


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