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Piano Recital
Event type: Piano Masters
Hall: Concert Hall
Price: 90-180 zł
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
- Prelude and Fugue in C Major, KV 394/383a [9']
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
- Pino Sonata No. 11 in A Major, KV 331/300i [15']
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
- Rondo in A Minor, KV 511 [11']
Intermission [20']
Johannes Brahms
- 6 Klavierstücke, Op. 118 [23']
Johannes Brahms
- 4 Klavierstücke, Op. 119 [15']

Since his victory in the Tchaikovsky Competition in Moscow, every performance given by Grigory Sokolov has become an eagerly awaited event, and his concerts in the world’s most prestigious concert halls are invariably sell-outs. His current tour includes the Warsaw Philharmonic, a venue that the charismatic pianist seems to be particularly fond of.

Every interaction between Sokolov and his audiences has taken on an almost mystical air. Indeed, critics refer to his recitals as liturgies. The artist plans his performances in such a way that he takes full possession of the listeners’ senses by skilfully building tension throughout the concert. Sokolov’s almost three hours spent on stage pass in an hypnotic trance, the audience unable to catch its breath.

Several years ago, and to the amazement of some of his audience, the artist opened his recital with Mozart’s Sonata in C Major “Facile”, well-known to piano novices the world over. In his own interpretation of this music, a simple trinket of a piece resembles the work of a master jeweller who combines stones of seemingly little worth into a priceless and dazzling whole. And we ought to add that those who listened to him play that day came away with the impression that it was all so simple that anyone could do it… At the end of his recitals, Grigory Sokolov does not bid a standard farewell to his audiences. Instead each and every performance concludes with a round of encores that borders on the ritualistic, and which has become a tradition in its own right.

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