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The 62nd Warsaw Autumn International Festival of Contemporary Music - Opening Concert
Event type: Guest concerts, Warsaw Autumn
Hall: Concert Hall
Morten Lauridsen
- organ improvisations
Bruno Mantovani
- Entrechoc for orchestra [18’]
Zygmunt Krauze
- Piano Concerto no. 3 – Okruchy pamięci (Fragments of Memory) - premiere performance (Warsaw Autumn, Adam Mickiewicz Institute, Orchestre National de Metz / Cité musicale–Metz and Warsaw Philharmonic commission) [15'-20']
Magdalena Długosz
- Na krawędzi Światła (On the Edge of Light) - premiere performance (Warsaw Autumn commission) [20']
Thurídur Jónsdóttir
- Flutter for flute, orchestra, and tape [17’]

Organiser: Polish Composers Association


The guiding theme of this year’s edition of the Warsaw autumn Festival is “pneuma” – on exploring the nature of the indefinable.

Pneuma—expanded reality: contemporary music versus transcendence and the experience of mystery and the extraordinary. The notion of “pneuma” has several meanings depending on the period of reference. It is also related to air and its movements, leading to further symbols and metaphors such as breathing, motion, the wind of history.

Air as the centre of sound, where sound is born and through which it moves. Air exists in song, speech, organs, portative organs, accordions, other wind instruments and objectophones.

This year’s Warsaw Autumn will feature a lot of music “from the air.” Both because of aerophone sound sources and aerial, spatial, and naturalistic connotations. From the opening concerts, which will feature Thurídur Jónsdóttir’s air-drenched Flutter […].

But air is also the “centre of spirit”—the sphere of life that aims at grasping the world as a coherent, sensible whole, fed by a nostalgia for a harmonious fullness, which is experienced as “numinosum”: the extraordinary, touching the transcendence.

This touch comes in the endless space, time with its processuality […], the shape of matter and shapes of nature (listen to the music of Thurídur Jónsdóttir […]), vitality (as heard in Bruno Mantovani […]), the mystique of the body and the animated world […], or paradox and strangeness […].

[…] Bear in mind that regardless of its themes, Warsaw Autumn is primarily an overview of new music from recent years, with references to twentieth-century music. […]


Jerzy Kornowicz
Director of the Warsaw Autumn Festival
(excerpts from an introduction to the theme of the 62nd Warsaw Autumn International Festival of Contemporary Music)

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