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When a Few Have Much to Say, or Different Faces of Chamber Music. Chamber Music Meditation. A Catalogue of Trees
Event type: Simply Philharmonic!
Hall: Chamber Music Hall
Subscription: PPF5 - Simply... Philharmonic!
Price: Dorośli – 30 zł, młodzież – 15 zł


Online broadcast: watch at www.filharmonia.pl and at the Warsaw Philharmonic YouTube channel.

Three concerts and three different approaches to chamber music – considered by many as the noblest, but also the most difficult form of music-making. It oscillates half-way between the full freedom of the soloist and the strict discipline of orchestral playing. In chamber music, the key to perfection is mutual understanding – not only on the artistic, but also on the human and spiritual levels. It is not a coincidence that the best chamber ensembles are like a family – they play together for years, even for decades, without changing their line-ups. The concert Chamber Music in Concord demonstrates the rich colouristic palette and wide possibilities of a heterogeneous set of wind instruments. Chamber Music Experiments, while steering clear of the excesses of the avant-garde, shows that a wind quintet is not only a medium for conventional forms of the Mozart era (that often dominate in the programmes of such ensembles). The cycle ends with Chamber Music Meditation, an attempt to restore art and nature to their original unity through a combination of improvised acoustic and electronic sound.

“I am a believer in God, and so I sing the words of God to those who lack faith. I bring birdsongs to city dwellers who have never heard them, I mould new rhythms for those who only know military marches and jazz, and I reveal colours to those who are unable to see them by themselves.” Olivier Messiaen, a bird lover and amateur ornithologist, had immense knowledge of the subject. He travelled to remote corners of the world specially to listen to birdsong and notate it musically (in the form of extremely complex melodic-rhythmic structures) for use in his compositions. His best known birdsong-inspired composition is the cycle Catalogue d'oiseaux (Catalogue of Birds) of 1959. Michał Jacaszek and Kwartludium’s project originated likewise in a fascination with the beauty, power and mysteries of nature. The musicians develop the French master’s ideas into a sound complex consisting of recorded sounds of nature, acoustic improvisations and quotations from Messiaen’s works.


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