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Auditions for the posts at the WarsawPhil Orchestra

Warsaw Philharmonic invites to auditions for the posts of assistant concertmaster, double bass and percussion
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Witold Rowicki in memoriam

Witold Rowicki was one of Poland’s most eminent masters of the baton. His name is inseparably linked with the history of Warsaw Philharmonic, its traditions and continued presence on the world’s major concert stages.

The multimedia set Witold Rowicki in memoriam consists of a CD recording of one the 300 concerts that Maestro Rowicki conducted during his 44 concert tours with Warsaw Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra. This particular concert was held on 3rd April 1967 in Huddersfield Town Hall, and a DVD containing the documentary Shade under the Stone (dir. Tomasz Dobrowolski) dedicated to the great conductor and an interview with Witold Rowicki conducted by Anna Skulska for the Polish Radio in 1987.

Publisher: Warsaw Philharmonic
Editor: Maria Bychawska
Graphic design: Marcin Rustecki
Warsaw 2014

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Karol SZYMANOWSKI - Symphony No. 4, Op. 60 Symphonie concertante for Piano and Orchestra - Mov. I
Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra, Witold ROWICKI - conductor, Jan EKIER - piano - the recording from Witold Rowicki in memoriam.


60 Years of the Warsaw Philharmonic Choir 1953-2013

For the last sixty years, the spectacular successes of the Warsaw Philharmonic Choir – one of the world’s best ensembles of this type – have contributed to the Philharmonic’s achievements, enhancing the reputation of this century-old institution.

Publisher: Warsaw Philharmonic
Editor: Maria Bychawska
Graphic design: Tadeusz Kazubek
Warsaw 2013

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Warsaw Philharmonic on Five Continents

“Warsaw Philharmonic on Five Continents” is the fruit of 35 years of work undertaken by the former long-time director of Warsaw Philharmonic – Marian Gołębiowski. This 640-page album contains a comprehensive presentation of all of Warsaw Philharmonic’s Orchestra and Choir’s foreign tours in the years 1951-2009, including detailed lists of performers, repertoires, and venues for the Orchestra’s 1372 concerts held during 128 tours, as well as more than 300 concerts performed by the Warsaw Philharmonic Choir.

The presentation is complete with colour reproductions of posters and photographs of musicians taken during rehearsals, concerts, and in their free time. Concert documentation is supplemented by A Music-Lover’s Travel Log - the author’s personal memories as co-organiser and participant of nearly a half of the Orchestra’s concert tours: notes on “commonplace and fascinating, funny and tragic, fortunate and unfortunate events during the Philharmonic’s peregrinations abroad.” The intriguing essay titles attract the readers’ attention and encourage them to read further.

Excerpts from the album in pdf format:
Table of Contents
9 tours

Publisher: Warsaw Philharmonic
Editor: Maria Bychawska
Graphic design: Marcin Rustecki
Warsaw 2010

The publication was made possible by the financial support of Polkomtel S.A. – “Plus” Mobile Network Operator).

100 years of The Philharmonic in Warsaw. 1901 - 2001

It is the first comprehensive publication concerning the Warsaw Philharmonic's history, a book long awaited by many music lovers.

In its 14 essays written by famous Polish historians, musicologists and music critics, one can find information about the building's history, the artists performing in it, as well as the Philharmonic's achievements in promoting musical culture. The book contains not only interesting texts but also lavish artwork and precious pictures, often published for the first time.
The book's publication was supported by the Leopold Kronenberg Foundation.

Publisher: Filharmonia Narodowa w Warszawie
Authors (Editors): Maria Bychawska and Henryk Schiller
Design and graphics: Maciej Buszewicz
Warsaw 2001



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