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Symphonic Concert

Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra
Tomasiewicz / Baráti

Fri., 26.04, 7.30 pm
Sat. 27.04, 6 pm

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Moniuszko at Moniuszki

On 5 May,
Warsaw Philharmonic will celebrate
the Stanisław Moniuszko
200th anniversary of the birth

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Tue., 7 May, 7 pm

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Garrick Ohlsson

Boston Symphony Chamber Players
Garrick Ohlsson - piano

Tue., 14 May, 7 pm

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In the heat of Andalusia
Event type: Concert for Children, Morning for Young Music Lovers
Hall: Chamber Music Hall
Subscription: Pm2 - Morning for Young Music Lovers
Price: 23 zł

For children aged 3 to 6

Our colourful, lively encounter with flamenco music and dance will feature Spanish songs, supple guitar strokes and the tapping of studded flamenco shoes. Their rhythms tell the Gypsy legend of how five hundred years ago newcomers from faraway India brought to Spain a musical style different from any other known in Europe. It was there in the south, in the hot and sunny Andalusia, that the music of those nomadic travellers merged with that of other groups living in that country. Rhythms, melodies and dance styles from various regions of the world all contributed to a unique new folk music style. The story of flamenco will be told by two guitarists and three dancers. Each of the presented pieces will illustrate one episode in the history of flamenco’s origins. We will learn in what ways flamenco differs from typical European dances, what sounds are imitated by striking the end of the bastón (cane) on the floor, and what we can learn from the movement of the fan…


You are invited to this concert by PGE Group – Warsaw Philharmonic Patron of the Year

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