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Let the music resound
Event type: Afternoon Concert for Children, Concert for Children
Hall: Concert Hall
Subscription: Ds2 - Voices and Noises
Price: 20, 25 zł

On this Sunday in March, the Warsaw Philharmonic Concert Hall will resound with many vocal and instrumental sounds – the former performed by Warsaw Philharmonic Choir under its new Director Bartosz Michałowski; the latter – coming from the largest of all music instruments, the organ, here played by Jakub Pankowiak. A camera will be placed very close to the organ, and thanks to the image on the screen, supported by a commentary, the audience will learn what the organ stops are for and to grasp other details, usually inaccessible to listeners sitting far from the stage.

If you are planning to attend this concert with your children, check whether you have at home a pipe, a bird whistle, or a little flute – any simple wind instrument – and BRING these instruments to the concert, so that we can build out of them sets of pipes of different register among the audience.

Malina Sarnowska

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