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New Year's Eve Special Concert
Event type: Symphonic concert
Hall: Concert Hall
Price: 120-270 zł

On New Year’s Eve we present lighter programmes in the vein of the noblest entertainment. The music will take us to the Golden Age of imperial Vienna, when people were entertained by the music of the great Strausses, by compositions in their most characteristic genre – the waltz. This dance, which evolved from the simple and plebeian landler, was a popular object of stylisation for the Viennese classics, while the Romantic loved to compose waltzes for piano as a form of lyrical expression and frequently as subtle miniatures. The Strausses restored the original lively energy of this dance. It functioned as an aristocratic pastime and as a symbol of the imperial power and wealth of the capital city on the Danube, but also in a more accessible form as bourgeois entertainment for coffee house gardens and the Wiener Prater park. The waltz (along with the polka and the galop dance) were also indispensable ingredients of the operetta, the audiences’ favourite entertainment throughout Europe at that time, for which Vienna was one of the main centres of development. During our New Year’s Eve concert featuring an entire galaxy of stars, we will present the most beautiful operetta highlights composed by the greatest masters of this genre. 


You are invited to this concert by PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna – Warsaw Philharmonic Patron of the Year

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