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Once upon a Philharmonic…
Event type: Concert for Children, Morning Concert for Children
Hall: Concert Hall
Subscription: Dm1 - The Kingdom of Instruments
Price: 20, 25 zł

Long time ago, when your great great grandparents were small kids and when they went to school, when Warsaw trams were still drawn by horses… This is how the story of Warsaw Philharmonic could well begin. Already for 116 years, the inhabitants of Warsaw have been flocking to the Philharmonic concerts. In the Philharmonic’s early years, Warsaw was still a provincial city of the Russian Empire, but late in 1918 Warsaw became a major centre of music life in newly independent Poland. November is a good time to celebrate both the anniversary of the opening of the Philharmonic (on the 5th day of the month) and Poland regaining independence (on the 11th). Apart from soldiers’ songs, the concert programme recalls the landmark events in the first few decades of the Philharmonic’s history. Early
in the 20th century, string quartets still frequently played on the Philharmonic stage. This tradition will be revived by Constellation String Quartet, consisting of the current members of the Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra, who have also prepared a musical surprise for our young audience.
We request the audience of our November concert for children to PUT ON something white and something red – clothes or an ornament in the national colours.

Malina Sarnowska

Filharmonia Narodowa
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