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Symphonic Concert

Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra
Tomasiewicz / Baráti

Fri., 26.04, 7.30 pm
Sat. 27.04, 6 pm

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Moniuszko at Moniuszki

On 5 May,
Warsaw Philharmonic will celebrate
the Stanisław Moniuszko
200th anniversary of the birth

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Tue., 7 May, 7 pm

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Garrick Ohlsson

Boston Symphony Chamber Players
Garrick Ohlsson - piano

Tue., 14 May, 7 pm

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One Instrument, Many Worlds: The World of Thought
Event type: Simply Philharmonic!
Hall: Chamber Music Hall
Subscription: PPF2 - Simply... Philharmonic!
Price: dorośli 30 zł, młodzież 15 zł

Brot & Sterne - Tales of Herbst

Kleines Halali
Da Hawara van Arawa
Unterm Mostbirnenbaum



One Instrument, Many Worlds

The hurdy‑gurdy is an unusual instrument – both stringed, bowed (though the ‘classical’ bow has been replaced here by a special mechanism set in motion by a crank) and equipped with a keyboard. Its body shape is close to that of a... guitar. A true musical curiosity. Once an indispensable tool of wandering singers, it was also popular with the aristocracy. The old ‘wheel fiddle’ has sung many a sad and bloody ballad. Matthias Loibner’s treatment of this instrument is versatile. This legendary Austrian artist, compared even to Jimi Hendrix because of his expressive manner of playing, once abandoned his composition and conducting studies for the hurdy‑gurdy and for the last more than 20 years has cultivated the old vielle à roue tradition in a highly original fashion. His artistic visions hold a place for such masterpieces of Romantic lyrical lied repertoire as Franz Schubert’s Winterreise (in which the hurdy‑gurdy successfully replaced the piano accompaniment), as well as his own music, written under the influence of everyday life events as products of observation, a kind of subtle artistic diary. The hurdy‑hurdy can also form one whole in team with the trumpet and percussion as Brot & Sterne.


The World of Thought

Brot & Sterne is a group of three musicians: trumpeter Franz Hautzinger, percussionist Peter Rosmanith and hurdy‑ gurdy player Matthias Loibner, brought together by their musical passions and by genuine friendship. This latter, spiritual bond proves indispensable to tell unusual, personal stories, a kind of dreams mixing not fully determined visions, pictures and sounds. The album Tales of Herbst was premiered on 3rd March 2017. The band’s music escapes easy classifications. They fill the niche between jazz, classical and world music. The style has no label, nor does it seem to need any. It is enough to say: Brot & Sterne – bread and stars, seemingly so distant and therefore memorable. The combination of three individualities has produced something truly extraordinary. Matthias Loibner’s expressive technique brings to mind the greatest stars of 20th‑ century rock. Franz Hautzinger has gone far beyond conventional trumpet playing into the world of limitless improvisation which seems to be an emanation of his own artistic freedom. For Peter Rosmanith (once a highly conventional drummer) the Far East, Africa, Cuban and Arab Culture proved to be a new source of inspiration. It is unique music set in a refined attractive soundscape, meeting the needs of those who look for unusual impressions, an escape from brutal reality, or those who wish to grasp that reality more thoroughly by tasting its unusual aspects filtered through the sensitivity of the three instrumentalists and friends. Perhaps the distance between bread and stars is not so huge after all and music can bring them closer together.

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