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Skaldowie Symphonic - CANCELLED!
Event type:
Hall: Concert Hall
Price: 50-110 zł

Okna wystawowe ulicy Piotrkowskiej (Shop Windows in Piotrkowska Street) 
Prześliczna wiolonczelistka (A Beautiful Cellist) 
Cała jesteś w skowronkach (You’re Full of Larks) 
Uciekaj, uciekaj (Run, Run Away) 
Wspólny jest nasz świat (This is The World We Share) 
Z kopyta kulig rwie (A Galloping Sleigh Ride) 
Życzenia z całego serca (Wishes from the Bottom of My Heart) 
Mateusz IV 
Piosenka o Zielińskiej (A Song About Zielińska) 
Dopóki jesteś (As  Long As You Are Here) 
Medytacje wiejskiego listonosza (Meditations of a Village Postman)


Medytacje wiejskiego listonosza (Meditations of a Village Postman), Prześliczna wiolonczelistka (A Beautiful Cellist) and Z kopyta kulig rwie (A Galloping Sleigh Ride) are the most widely known songs by Skaldowie, a band led by Andrzej Zieliński who was also its main composer. In this concert, the audience will hear new interpretations of these popular tunes, concocted by the brilliant composer, arranger and pianist Wojciech Gogolewski, and performed by a jazz trio accompanied by the Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra. Tunes that bring back many memories have been given a fresh and interesting makeover. Gogolewski wrote of his music: “The pieces have been arranged with outmost care for detail, beauty and artistic expression to reflect the meaning and spirit of Skaldowie’s music and at the same time to lend it a new aura and a new, contemporary cultural value”.

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