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2018/19 Artistic Season Closing

WarsawPhil Ensembles
Kaspszyk / Bendžiūnaitė / Mayer
Fri., 31.05, 7.30pm
Sat., 1.06, 6pm

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2018/2019 Season Closing
Sat., 1 June, 6 pm

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Symphonic Concert

Tbilisi Symphony Orchestra
Vakhtang Kakhidze, Anna Tchania

Sun., 26.05, 6 pm

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Symphonic Concert
Event type: Symphonic concert
Hall: Concert Hall
Subscription: B2 - Symphonic concerts, Z2 - Golden subscription
Price: 50-100 zł

Due to the indisposition of Karen Vourc’h, the soprano parts in the Debussy's Le Martyre de saint Sébastien will be performed by Lauryna Bendžiūnaitė.


In 1911 a fascinating spectacle on religious themes caused quite a scandal in Paris. It was the mystery play Le Martyre de saint Sébastien to a libretto by the Italian poet and prose writer Gabriele D’Annunzio – later a military pilot who dropped bombs on Croatia and an adventurist politician whose totalitarian ideas inspired Mussolini. The choreographer was Mikhail Fokin, the stage design was created by Léon Bakst, and the music – by Claude Debussy. It was not the content of the drama that provoked the controversy, but the fact of entrusting the title role... to the famous dancer Ida Rubinstein. The archbishop of Paris saw it as inadmissible that the holy martyr was played by a woman, and a Jewish one at that. He categorically forbid Catholics to attend the spectacles, while D’Anunzio was honoured by having his works placed on the Index Librorum Prohibitorum by the Church. However, even such a fine scandal did not save the five‑ hour‑ long modernist spectacle, which was soon taken off and is seldom revived as a whole. Only Debussy’s splendid music has stood the test of time. It takes the form of Fragments symphoniques for concert performance. Interestingly, though Debussy was a master of orchestral colour, he did not consider this incidental music as particularly important, and so the partial orchestration – interesting and very good quality – was prepared at his behest by his friend and assistant, André Caplet.

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