New Warsaw Philharmonic album Filharmonia Narodowa

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New Warsaw Philharmonic album

On 20 May 2022 the second album in the series of world premiere recordings by the Warsaw Philharmonic will be released

On the second album in the series of world premiere recordings by the Warsaw Philharmonic, we present two works from the repertoire of twentieth-century music: Concerto classico by André Tchaikowsky (1935–1982) and Libera me (Quasi-Requiem) by Giya Kancheli (1935–2019). Both works were recorded at the Warsaw Philharmonic’s Concert Hall in 2021, with our ensembles performing under the baton of Andrzej Boreyko, who devised the programme of this exceptional disc.

The oeuvre of André Tchaikowsky (who altered the spelling of his name from Andrzej Czajkowski after settling in England) remained little known and sporadically performed for years. A watershed came in 2013, when his opera The Merchant of Venice was given its premiere at the Bregenz Festival.

Concerto classico, a concerto for solo violin and orchestra, completed in 1964, was only found after his death, at the bottom of a laundry basket in the home of Tchaikowsky’s close acquaintance Eve Harrison. The original manuscript of this work is now held in the archive of Josef Weinberg.

The outstanding violinist Ilya Gringolts gave a first reading to the solo part in this work and presented it to the world in an online philharmonic concert that took place behind closed doors – due to pandemic-related restrictions – at the Concert Hall on 5 February 2021.

Libera me (Quasi-Requiem) for soprano, male choir and orchestra is the last work by the Georgian composer Giya Kancheli, written in the autumn of 2018 to verse by Vazha-Pshavela (1861–1915) and Galaktion Tabidze (1892–1959). The work was given its first performance that same year at the Shota Rustaveli State Academic Theatre in Tbilisi – the city of the composer’s birth and of many of his artistic achievements.

On 2 April 2021, despite the difficulties linked to the coronavirus pandemic, this work was given its Polish premiere at the Warsaw Philharmonic Concert Hall and recorded for this disc in a performance by Magdalena Schabowska (soprano) with the Male Choir and Orchestra of the Warsaw Philharmonic. In accordance with Kancheli’s wishes, the performance was conducted by Andrzej Boreyko.

The disc was produced in collaboration with CD Accord Music Edition and produced by the outstanding Grammy-winning Polish specialists Andrzej Sasin and Aleksandra Nagórko.


The album is released – in Poland and worldwide – on 20 May 2022. That same day, it will also be made available on music streaming services.