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Concerts for Children

Concerts for Children

The youngest listeners are invited to two concert cycles: Morning and Afternoon Concerts for Children in the Concert Hall as well as Mornings and Afternoons for Young Music Lovers in the Chamber Hall. Each cycle has been divided by age group: the concerts at 11 am are designed for younger children (aged 3 to 6) and those at 2 pm – for older kids (aged 7 to 12).

Concert Hall:

11 am


 children aged 3-6 - subscrip. Dm1 / Dm2

2 pm


 children aged 7-12 - subscrip. Ds1 / Ds2



Chamber Hall:

11 am


 children aged 3-6 - subscrip. Pm1 / Pm2

2 pm


  children aged 7-12 - subscrip. Ps1 / Ps2





Each concert consists of two parts divided by an intermission and takes respectively 75 minutes (younger children) or 90 minutes (older children). The content and manner of presentation vary depending on the age of the audience. The repertoire is similar, with additional songs appearing in concerts for older children.

We are aware of the fact that your families include kids of different ages and in some cases the introduced age divisions may not suit you. In such cases, we leave it up to the parents to decide which concert to choose.

Though the offer of cultural education is becoming more and more diversified nowadays, access to the (broadly conceived) art is still not always the question of a conscious choice. We wish to familiarise the youngest generation with the so-called high art and make that art attractive to children. We have therefore resolved to enrich our concerts in Concert Hall by adding elements of the contemporary children’s world: animated pictures, graphics, the welcome ritual, and musical games during the intervals. We intend to combine these “novelties” with the existing Warsaw Philharmonic tradition of family concerts.

We would like kindly to remind our audiences that:

  • the concerts for children at Warsaw Philharmonic are accessible to all children who have turned three years old or more;

  • eating and drinking in the halls is not allowed;

  • photographing and recording during concerts is prohibited;

  • since finding parking places close to the Philharmonic may be difficult, we encourage you to allow extra time for this purpose if you plan to arrive by car.

In connection with frequent complaints from parents concerning the admission of latecomers to our concert halls, we kindly inform that for the sake of the audience’s comfort, the following rules have been introduced with regard to the children’s concerts:

Concert Hall: Latecomers or persons who leave the Warsaw Philharmonic Concert Hall during the concert may only use the entrance from the Ball Room (stalls level) and take the nearest free seats available.

Chamber Hall: There is no entry to the Chamber Music Hall when the concert is in progress.

Ceny biletów na koncerty dla dzieci

Sala Koncertowa – 25/30 zł (w zależności od strefy)
Sala Kameralna – 30 zł

Koncerty dla Dzieci