4th International Music Festival of Central-Eastern Europe: "Fusionfonia / Music of Ukrainian Land" Filharmonia Narodowa

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More info about the festival: www.eufonie.pl


The ‘FusionFonia_Music of the Ukrainian Land’ project is a piece for a group of soloists, jazz ensemble, folk ensemble, computer trio and orchestra composed by Ivan Taranenko, a Ukrainian composer, and complemented by electronic interludes by Marcin Bortnowski, Stanisław Krupowicz and Marcin Rupociński. The main idea behind the composition is to present Ukrainian music using contemporary compositional techniques and to emphasize its hidden meanings in a unique combination of authentic folklore from different regions of Ukraine with jazz, classical and electronic music. These various, sometimes surprising stylistic contexts refer to the concept of fusion music, which appeared in jazz music in the 1960s.