4th International Music Festival of Central-Eastern Europe: Lisiecki / Wiener Symphoniker / Wellber Filharmonia Narodowa

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More info about the festival: www.eufonie.pl


He knew the orchestra like no other. In his lifetime, he was appreciated as an outstanding conductor, composing only in the intervals between artistic seasons, calling himself a Ferienkomponist. Nowadays, Gustav Mahler is considered one of the most exceptional symphonists in history. In the Symphony No. 5 he wrote in the summer of 1901, the transition from a dark, mourning character to a triumphal atmosphere reflects changes in the composer’s personal life, in which the source of strong and turbulent emotions was the affection for the composer’s future wife, Alma Schindler (later Mahler), whom he met in winter.

Despite his short life, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart left a large and diverse legacy. In spite of his rich virtuoso activities, he started composing piano concertos relatively late. Completed just a few hours before its premiere, the Piano Concerto KV 467 – full of charm and virtuosity – is one of the audience favourites. We will also hear an echo of Mozart’s genius in the piece Dialoge mit Mozart – Da capo für Orchester, which was written by Peter Eötvös in 2016 and which will open the Festival.