Fairy Tale Puzzles Filharmonia Narodowa

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Close your eyes and make a wish… Together with FeNek, we’re whisking you off to the world of fairy tales, where you’ll find magical notes, chords and harmonies – both played and sung. To reach your goal – as often happens in fairy tales – you’ll have to solve a puzzle. Alertness is the key to success, so prick up your ears and keep your eyes peeled, because all the details of the music will lead you to a happy end. You won’t be alone in your efforts – along with FeNek and our musicians, we’ll give you the occasional clue. Come to the concert at the Philharmonic and bring with you… nut castanets.

Bring to the concert… nut castanets

Patron of the 'Morning and Afternoon Concerts for Children' cycle – PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna – warmly welcomes you to join us in this concert