Colourful Wind Filharmonia Narodowa

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FeNek loves playing with the wind. In the spring, he observes how this invisible magician sets the clouds in motion. In the summer, he plays tag with it and embarks on sailing trips. He admires in the autumn how it dances among the colourful leaves, and in the winter how it whirls around with snowflakes. The wind can also make music. The little fox listens to its colourful music throughout the year. But how is that possible? Can music be colourful? Can the sounds of different instruments become a brush that paints a musical picture full of wonderful hues? You’ll find out during this concert! To this meeting with FeNek the Fox, bring with you… a paintbrush.

Bring to the concert… a paintbrush

Patron of the 'Morning and Afternoon Concerts for Children' cycle – PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna – warmly welcomes you to join us in this concert