In the city of Princess Libuše Filharmonia Narodowa

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Do you know the legend of Czech, Lech and Rus? Czech founded the land to the south of Poland. His compatriot, Princess Libuše, who ruled that land, could even see into the future! In one of her visions, she saw a city at a ford in the River Vltava, where it was easy to cross to the other side. And so the name of the city – Prague – was taken from the Czech word for ‘ford’ – práh. Since the times of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, who staged his operas in the Czech capital, Prague has become an increasingly important European musical metropolis. Listening to the singers and musicians, we’ll learn about different aspects of the city – its music, legends, tales, dances and amusements. We’ll also meet two rather dim-witted neighbours (Pat and Mat), the robber Rumcajs and the mole Krtek! Ahoj!

Patron of the 'Mornings and Afternoons for Young Music Lovers' cycle – PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna – warmly welcomes you to join us in this concert