Live online streaming of the charity concert "Musicians for Musicians" Filharmonia Narodowa

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Musicians and employees of the Warsaw Philharmonic, deeply moved by the situation in Ukraine, took the initiative to organise a special concert dedicated to the National Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine and the ‘Dumka’ National Choir of Ukraine.

The concert will take place in the Warsaw Philharmonic Concert Hall and will be streamed live online on the platform - access to the broadcast will be possible with the code, which you will receive after purchasing the access a PLN 50 fee.

Full income from tickets - both those purchased for a concert in the Concert Hall and the live streaming - will be donated to the Kiev Orchestra and Choir. Małgorzata Pańko-Edery, Rafał Siwek and Andrzej Boreyko, artists of the Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra and Choir, employees of the Warsaw Philharmonic as well as persons and companies cooperating in the organization of this event have resigned from their fees.




Access to the live online streaming of the charity concert can be purchased as a donation ticket (PLN 50) here:
You will be able to follow the concert on the same site.