Valentine's Day Concert - ‘The Black Sea’ Filharmonia Narodowa

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Valentine's Day Concert - ‘The Black Sea’
Avi Avital, photo: Harald Hoffmann / DG

It is not often that we hear the sweet strains of a mandolin at the Warsaw Philharmonic. The Warsaw audience will be enchanted by this instrument thanks to one of its greatest contemporary virtuosos, the Israeli superstar Avi Avital, an exclusive Deutsche Grammophon artist. Avital’s musical horizons seem boundless. He performs Baroque, contemporary and traditional music; more than 100 works have already been composed for him. When asked about his musical preferences, Avital avoids answering unequivocally. He does not feel himself to be a classical or folk musician, allowing audiences free rein to label him. Avital’s concerts are often programmed according to the artist’s own personal key. He will be coming to Warsaw with a programme inspired by the cultures of countries in the Black Sea basin. He will be accompanied by his own Between Worlds Ensemble, comprising mostly classical instruments, which aims – as the name implies – to transcend all cultural barriers. Avital has also invited the Rustavi Ensemble of Georgia to collaborate with him. This ensemble, which cultivates traditional polyphonic singing, impressed Avital with its artistry during one of his journeys to Georgia.


Bartłomiej Gembicki