In the Land of the Imagination Filharmonia Narodowa

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The land of the imagination is a place where everything and anything can happen! Imagine a place where plants and animals magically speak to you in various voices. Find out what happens when a barber meats a lion, a beetroot picks a quarrel with a horseradish, and a crane has an interesting conversation with a heron. And there’s much more in store! In his workshop, a clockmaker, Mr. Pendulum, listens to the pleas of the clocks and will do everything he can to repair them. Will he manage to? We will hear these and many more incredible stories told by singers accompanied by a giant on three legs – a grand piano.

Na koncert zaprasza PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna – Mecenas cyklu koncertowego Poranki i Popołudnia dla Małych Melomanów